Rove Monteux – Veterum Fragmenta



Veterum Fragmenta is the eighth single from Rove Monteux, accompanying his six albums, in his solo career into Classical, Cinematic, Drama and Neoclassical music.

Veterum Fragmenta means “Fragments of the Past” in Latin, thumbing the single on Mediterranean ancient symbology, as depicted in his artwork, following the tour of the ancient Mediterranean Sea route in the Mare Magnum album.

Composition, interpretation, recording, production, names and imagery created by and ©℗ 2022 Rove Monteux.

UPC: 5063161167789
Artist: Rove Monteux
Release date: pre-sales 14 of October 2022, All stores 24 of October 2022
Label: Ditto, Lua Vermelha

©℗ 2022, Rove Monteux


Full score of Veterum Fragmenta for piano.


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