Hugo Manuel Juárez – Ballad for Stella

Piano Score


Descripción de la obra


As part of our work in EDIM, our music school, we dedicate ourselves to compose songs that
are simple to play because it’s not easy to find any modern musical scores (Tango, Jazz,
Ballads, etc.) that are useful for this purpose.
We complement our idea by recording orchestral arrangements as backing tracks for said
songs to encourage students by making them feel like they’re participating in an actual
Likewise, we’ve made several series of songs for various musical instruments, five different
songs in each of them (Ballad for Stella is the fifth theme in the Piano Series), always keeping a
degree of difficulty in mind, so a student that has been playing his musical instrument for one
or two years will be able to play it.

Descripción del archivo

Pdf of the piano part for “Ballad for Stella”


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