Felix Mendelssohn – Op. 70 – Hebe deine Augen auf


Date of creation: Tuesday September 25, 2018
Created by: AccompaMe
Part of: Elias
Thematic catalogue index (e.g. BWV 187): Op. 70
Used instrument(s): Solo voice(s) high
To perform with the following instrument(s): Solo voice(s) high, Solo voice(s) low
Genre: Classical
Gattung: Trio
Musical period: Romantic
Tempo: 60bpm
Musical content: Live recording
License: CC Sampling 1.0  
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  • Werksbeschreibung

    Solo voice (soprano 2) by Silvia Berghammer of the a-capella trio “Hebe deine Augen auf” from the oratorio “Elias” by Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, composed in 1846.


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