About Us – Our Vision

The History of AccompaMe

The idea for AccompaMe has been maturing in us for a long time. After successfully applying for an EXIST start-up scholarship in 2017, we are now implementing it: We are building a platform for a worldwide community of music-loving hobby and professional musicians.

Our Goal

We want to build the largest platform for music accompaniment and thus promote music making by connecting musicians worldwide. We also offer you musicians additional earning opportunities: Everyone can upload their own accompaniment or single voice as an audio file to AccompaMe free of charge and choose the selling price themselves. Interested (hobby) musicians can request, purchase and download or stream required music accompaniments. We start with classical music, but will soon add more genres.

What drives us

We love music and believe that music and making music and creativity in general is important for people. But often there is a lack of fellow musicians or pieces to practice, rearrange, mix or get inspired. That is why it is so amazing that there is still no community platform of this kind on which musicians collaboratively build the world of music in its individual parts, for the benefit of all musicians worldwide.


wants to provide the community with an open platform to help close this gap. Music enthusiasts worldwide should have the opportunity to get in touch with each other easily and without complications, and also to work together on pieces by contributing different soundtracks. Own interpretations of pieces can also be presented to a wide audience. On our own profile database, musicians can create profiles and thus become better known.

Here you will find in the future, little by little, all the important things that music enthusiasts need in order to

  • exchange
  • network among each other
  • make music together
  • show the world their musician profile
  • show their works and compositions.

We look forward to hearing from you and your suggestions – become an Accompanista!